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WERC Profile

The WERC (Wider Europe Reseach Center) was established in October, 2008, as an affiliated institution with the Graduate School of International Relations, University of Shizuoka.

Wider Europe is getting more important in international politics on a grobal scale by enlargement and deepening of the European Union as well as expansion and transformation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Despite this, at least in Japan, there are few studies with sufficient concern in Wider Europe itself (including Central and Eastern European countries, the Balkans and the formerly parts of the Soviet Union) and in its relationship with the EU, the NATO, the United States, and/or Japan. Moreover, though the Black Sea region has become a focal point in current international politics by eastward expansion of the EU and the NATO, there seems to be a lack of interest of this region.

The WERC aims to invigorate research and education activities regarding Wider Europe. We invite scholars, diplomats, or journalits from home and abroad to hold lectures and international symposia on various topics about Wider Europe. Research associates of the WERC provide for research mainly in the fields of local/regional/areal studies of each Wider European countries, enlargement and deepening of the integration of the EU, and historical formation of Wider Europe. Interdisciplinary approach including political science and economics as well as studies in literature, culture, and ideas is essential and indespensable.

The WERC will be a unique and important center for research of Wider Europe in the wider context and from medium- and long-term perspective.

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